Donna Lindner, @dslindner Director of Lower School at The Agnes Irwin School. Passionate about giving children opportunities to both 1) take control of their own school experience through play and design based learning, and 2) thrive in schools where teachers honor who they are and what they bring to the classroom.  Believes that every child can learn supported by a teacher’s commitment, creativity, and passion behind them.

blair-jeanne-marieJeanne Marie Blair, Director of Admission and Lower School at Rosemont School of the Holy Child, BA Psychology  Rosemont College, MA Elementary Counseling Villanova University, Admissions Director at RSHC for 28 years,Director for Lower School at RSHC 5 years,Served as co chair of PAIS evaluation for RSHC,Involved with Lower School Curriculum and character Development programs



Rita Smith, Director of Early Childhood Division at Rosemont School of the Holy Child M.ED Cabrini College, Master Teacher with 33 years experience in Early Childhood at RSHC, Has been involved in Curriculum Development.

Rita and Jeanne Marie hosted the first ECH Edcamp for PAIS  in April 2013



Kim Sivick,  @ksivick  Director of Professional and Organizational Development for Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools. ISTE, NAIS, TABS, ASCD and #140 conference presenter. NAIS Teacher of the Future, edcamp co-founder and member of the Edcamp Foundation Board.



Candy Neely, Assistant PreKindergarten teacher at The Agnes Irwin School. I’m passionate about helping children feel safe to be themselves, to trust their ideas, and to make mistakes. I’m passionate about learning through doing, moving and playing.


Kathy Seaton, PreKindergarten teacher at The Agnes Irwin School. Working with four and five year olds gives me many opportunities to consider how development impacts learning. I love seeing how a skill that was difficult a couple of months ago suddenly appears in a child’s repertoire. In a preschool classroom timing can be everything. As a teacher I need to look at more than when the scheduled curriculum introduces concepts and skills. From year to year I may need to modify what I do and when according to the group of children. It is always interesting.


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