Welcome to The Agnes Irwin School

True story–an educator who also happens to be the spouse of a well-known early childhood professor and advocate once passed a note to a colleague during a faculty in-service. The note read, “I hope I die during a faculty in-service meeting. The transition would be imperceptible.”  As an educator whose career began in early childhood myself, I remember with a cringe how many in-services or professional development opportunities I attended during which I found myself so frustrated that the topic at hand did not apply to the little people with whom I spent most of my days.  My colleagues and I used to ask, “When will ‘they’ let us design professional development that gives us what we want and need?”


Fast forward to April 12, 2014, and the second PAIS EdCamp devoted entirely to you, the early childhood educator.  The idea behind Edcamps is fairly simple. Time and space are provided for an “unconference,” where attendees drive the agenda by filling it with their own topics and ideas. Edcamps are the professional development of the 21st century. They are participant driven and focused on continuing education that aligns with what you most need.  If you are in a session that is not giving you what you want, you have permission to “walk with your feet” and find another session that does. In the case of this EdCamp, think all early childhood, all the time.  We are especially excited to invite our public school colleagues to this EdCamp and hope to connect in some very exciting ways around a topic that fuels our collective passion.


Time? April 12, 2014, from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Space? The Agnes Irwin School

Who? Public and private early childhood educators (N-Gr. 3) looking to design a professional development that fills their wells and leaves them full


I hope to see you there!




Donna S. Lindner

Director of Lower School

The Agnes Irwin School